1. Tin Soldier

From the recording Tin Soldier

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Marilyn DeFrange, vocals/guitar; Denis DeFrange, keyboards.
(© Marilyn DeFrange – All rights reserved.)



My happy tin soldier has gone for a ride.
and nobody knows if he’ll come back alive.
See he made a promise; he’s taken a stand, with a rifle he holds in his hand.
He was a boy, then he came back a man.

My happy tin soldier says, “Don’t worry now.
I’ll be back soon anytime, anyhow.
You can tell everybody I’ll send them a line, and some pictures to show I’m just fine.
Little sister you can ease your mind.”

Then we get a letter. It’s a sympathy card.
No words can describe how it hits you so hard.
My mother was broken. My father was numb.
You get a medal instead of your son.

Tin Soldier’s finally coming home.
Tin Soldier’s finally coming home.

© Marilyn DeFrange. All rights reserved.