Marilyn DeFrange featured on Outbound Music

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Marilyn DeFrange now appears as a new artist on, "Internet radio the way it was meant to be." Currently playing in rotation on Mix Radio station is "You Chose Me" featuring Marilyn on guitar and vocals accompanied by Fred Tribuzzo on bass. Marilyn's new artist feature page on Outbound Music can be viewed at

Women of Substance Radio

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Music with a Conscience Podcast,

Featured all week on Women of Substance Radio's "Music with a Conscience Podcast" will be Marilyn DeFrange's recent release "Tin Soldier." Catch this show online from September 10th through September 16th at Songs air in playlist order with "Tin Soldier" featured in the lineup. Click the "thumbs up" button to show your support of this song while it's playing and get it onto the Top 20 Roster! Click the "Request A Song" button to support repeat plays of "Tin Soldier" and make it a radio favorite! - New Artists - New Artists