I've been collaborating with long-time friend and music buddy, Fred Tribuzzo. Fred has always been masterful on the bass but over the last 3 years has become adept on guitar as well. We've worked on my material  on and off for various projects, but nothing has come close to the one-on-one collaborating I did with Fred back in our early years of playing music together. Except for now.

In all those years that we've been in and out with our music connection, this is proving to be the best yet! Our combined years of collective music experiences has brought an extra magic and maturity with it. Fred's intuitive "knowing" of my music has always been uncanny. Now, that unspoken magic seems even more predominant and easy.

Just recently, Outbound Music picked up one of my earlier pieces with Fred, "You Chose Me" to play on heavy rotation on their online radio platform. Outbound Music has five stations. "You Chose Me" is currently being played on the Mix Radio station.


Fred Tribuzzo

Fred Tribuzzo

Fred is also a talented writer and has a number of books from his new "American Blackout Series" that are scheduled to be released this year.        His upcoming release, Pulse of the Goddess  will debut in September.            To find out more about Fred's books   and writings visit his website.