Marilyn's Story

Marilyn DeFrange, originally from Kent Ohio, has been singing and writing music since childhood.  
Her music can best be described as a semi-acoustic eclectic mix with a rhythm and blues influence. Marilyn‘s voice keeps a connection with the audience that runs the gambit from a delicate whisper to a full blown bluesy wail.

“Marilyn DeFrange's vocals are eerily flawless, with a rounded, deep warmth. This kind of intimacy is almost unnerving. It offers a rare openness of heart and a lack of cynicism that is extremely hard to get away with these days. But somehow, Marilyn DeFrange does, right under your nose.” — Bill Broun, Alternative Press and Publishers Weekly

Growing up in a musical family of boys Marilyn learned to sing and play the guitar by ear. A natural talent, she began developing her songwriting skills at the age of ten. A prolific writer with a large catalog of music, she continues to connect to her audience with accessible themes and stories. She has recorded and or performed with Denis DeFrange, Rod Reisman, Fred Tribuzzo, (Baby Sirloin) Will Siegel, Paul Kemp, David Raitt, Spencer Brewer, David Hayes, Bonnie Raitt, Alex DeGrassi and Paul McCandless. Her voice and songwriting skills can be locally found on many of her peers’ CD’s in Northern California. She has produced four CD’s: Someone to Hold, Future, Something Good and most recently, Ocean of Emotion. 

 Marilyn has recently formed a new music production company with the goal of marketing her music for other artists and to be licensed for movies and television. If you would like to be alerted of upcoming performances and CD releases, join the mailing list at  


Denis' Story

Born in Kent Ohio, Denis DeFrange was a founding member of an all original progressive band, “Baby Sirloin.”  The band was considered ahead of its time by many on the local scene, actively performing in Cleveland and all around the Ohio area.  Baby Sirloin played on the first Live WMMS Coffee Break Radio show and was featured at the infamous Cleveland Agora.  DeFrange was credited as a player who brought innovative and original sounds to audiences with his mix of talent and technology. Denis wrote and arranged his signature original synthesizer music bringing something diverse to a steadily growing fan base. He regularly played on KSU Radio in Kent, performing on countless live shows. 

Denis shared performance collaborations with incredibly talented power house drummer, Mark Frazier. Together, they performed on the classic Bowling Balls from Hell LP.  In the late 80s Denis made his way to California to tune into, and pick up on the West Coast vibe working on various short films and commercials.  Denis created the soundtrack to the classic underground horror film The Secret Life of Sarah Sheldon (2008).   Denis continues to expand, composing music blend sounds from analog vintage hardware along with the latest in digital technology. DeFrange's Synthsong Productions Studio is located in the Hollywood Hills. There, he specializes in composing music for film and TV.  Denis co-wrote, performed and produced the CD, FUTURE along with his sister Marilyn. Currently, Denis is working on several solo projects and other collaborative efforts with his sister, Marilyn DeFrange.